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Highly Recommended Mattress Cleaning in Catford

You’ll get great value for money from your mattress cleaning in Catford! Not only are we a fully insured cleaning provider, but our technicians are also highly trained and skilled in the use of modern dry mattress sanitising procedures. Arrange your mattress cleaning service and rid any beds of those dust mites that can bite or irritate.

How Dry Mattress Sanitising is Performed

When you book a mattress cleaning specialist from Olen’s Carpet Cleaning you’ll be sent an expert with a completely portable system which takes no time at all to set up. This machine uses a high intensity ultraviolet light to seek and destroy unwelcome pests and bacteria. The vibration and the powerful suction extracts the dust and debris, and we can show you the contents if you wish! This method is proven to be not only dry, but free of chemicals, making it non-invasive and completely safe.

Mattress Cleaners in Catford Offering You A Natural Solution

Our fight against dust mites continues, as we understand the need to remove organisms that feed on human skin cells quickly and effectively. That’s one of the reasons you can trust the mattress cleaners employed by Olen’s Carpet Cleaning to provide a service with your health as the main priority. Other benefits of our method of dry mattress sanitising include:

    • No drying time – no moisture to penetrate any mattresses
    • Colour safe – no bleaching agents used in this process
    • Fast application – only 14-16 minutes for the procedure to be completed
    • 72 hours residual effect – allergens continue to be destroyed during this period
    • Safety first – suitable for all types of mattresses and pillows
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How to Book Your Mattress Cleaning in Catford

It’s quite straightforward to book your mattress cleaning service in Catford – all you have to do is call 020 7846 0478 or fill in our contact us form, and we’ll do the rest! Our operators are available 24/7, so there’s never a bad time to get in touch.

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