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Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Catford

Carpets trap dirt, dust, and debris that can actually affect the air quality within your property. In order to prevent this happening, all you need to do is use us for carpet cleaning in Catford at least once a year. Our trained technicians can take care of any type of fabric in both domestic and commercial settings, and will bring all the necessary tools and cleaning solutions to clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery, sofas, and mattresses, whilst also paying great attention to detail.

Discover Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Catford

Olen’s Carpet Cleaning will send you carpet cleaners who start your service with a full inspection of all carpeted areas. This is the only way to properly identify the most appropriate cleaning procedure chosen out of steam cleaning – often known as hot water extraction – or dry cleaning.

Depending on the fabric type, steam cleaning is adopted for robust materials as a combination of detergents and hot water are injected deep in to the pile, and extracted alongside all of the dirt and grime. Dry cleaning on the other hand is most suitable for delicate materials that may shrink when exposed to water. A special absorbing powder will be scattered across the carpet, brushed in, and vacuumed off.

What You Get When You Order

Olen’s Carpet Cleaning only employs certified, experienced, and insured carpet cleaners in Catford. You’ll also be able to enjoy all of the following benefits.

    • 24 hour a day customer service – reach us when you need us
    • Seven day servicing – weekend and Bank Holiday appointments available
    • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions – products approved by leading UK suppliers
    • No-obligation quotes – affordable and fair without any hidden charges
    • A comprehensive service – suitable for you if you’re moving in or out, or just want a spring clean

Olen’s Carpet Cleaning’s Carpet Cleaners Make It Easy

Our carpet cleaners can do so much more than just deal with fabric on your floors. Every one of our trained technicians can also perform:

Rug Cleaning: delicate sisal or seagrass fabrics? No problem with our gentle dry cleaning methods

Upholstery Cleaning: stain treatment is included in this complete service for upholstered furniture

Sofa Cleaning: inspections, treatments, and after care for suede, leather, and fabric loungers

Mattress Cleaning: let us discreetly remove all pests, with our dry sanitising expertise

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